LAFONTAINE  provides employment to more than 240 persons divided into several departments tightly nested together, and contributing in their own way to business success.

Our organizational values

Organizational values affect staff in ways of being and acting , that are reflected both inside and outside an organization.

At LAFONTAINE., these values are:

1. Quality

2. Respect

3. Responsibility, commitment and overtaking

4. Innovation

5. Team spirit

These values are essential benchmarks and key instruments  for mobilizing the whole workforce.

 Finally, they must be translated into actions, decisions and behavior of all staff.

Project estimation and management

The department comprises 10 people, under the supervision of the VP Construction. Composed of engineers and engineering technicians, this team is one of the largest and most experienced among the companies in our sector of activity involved in the Quebec region.

Targeted and executed projects fall into three sectors:    highway engineering work, municipal engineering work and industrial and commercial sites.

Job sites

Our site management staff, 18 people, including the director of execution, superintendents and foremen, consists mainly of civil engineering technicians, which can respond effectively to the demands of increasingly technical work . They are assisted by a support team of 8 people, which ensures the supply of heavy equipment, manpower and supplies necessary for  the efficient execution of contracts.

Our land survey teams, with their equipment at the cutting edge of technology, ensure rigorous monitoring of work layout,  
while controlling accuracy.

Execution staff, involving up to 100 people, consists of  heavy equipment operators, specialized laborers and skilled truck drivers, all highly qualified and motivated. They perform work in well-established teams, and demonstrate experience and efficiency in an atmosphere of support, as demonstrated by the slogan displayed on our site offices:                 

       "Une équipe, ça s'entraide !"


A team dedicated to the development, management and operation of our many aggregates sites,  can ensure a constant and quality supply for the realization of our contracts.

Mechanical workshop

Under the direction of the garage manager, 20 employees make up the mechanical maintenance team. They are parts manager, buyers, mechanics, welders and painters,  and share the work on day and evening shifts, to ensure maximum equipment availability and constant sites productivity  . Three mobile workshops can perform periodic maintenance and some minor repairs directly on sites, thus increasing efficiency.


The team assigned to the administration consist of 13 persons holding the following positions: chief executive officer, executive director, finance director, administrative assistant, quality coordinator, human resources advisor, accounting, administrative technician, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll  clerk ,  computer technician and reception.

Their concern is to ensure that all management processes established by the company are rigorously applied  and revised periodically, and  provide the informations, controls and results necessary for its progress, both financially and in terms of pursuit of excellence.

Hockey Team

Our dynamic hockey team "Excavations Lafontaine" participates in several tournaments during the winter. This team  include workers from different departments of the company: it allows them to socialize and to excel beyond the scope of work, to the delight of spectators who come to cheer them on.