Excavations Lafontaine inc. excels in the execution of civil engineering infrastructure projects and develops related, relevant activities. First and foremost, the company serves a regional market with environmentally sound, effective management methods and procedures. Its managers lean towards developing human potential and continuously learning new technologies.



Excavations Lafontaine inc.'s primary objective is to provide products and services at competitive prices that meet hers clients' requirements. To do so, management is committed to constantly improve the effectiveness of their management system.

Excavations Lafontaine inc. ensure that its staff,  suppliers and subcontractors have and maintain the required skills to execute quality contracts. Contract execution within the company is subject to rigorous control, thus ensuring the desired level of quality.

Through its quality management system, the company seeks to:


·-  Perform the work on time, according to the rules of art and professional manner.
·-  Execute organized, clean, and safe job sites.
·-  Contribute to the company's growth through daily actions from each individual.


In order to always meet its clients' needs, Excavations Lafontaine inc. expects all its employees to bring their contribution, keep a dynamic environment within the company, and maintain excellent collaboration with providers and subcontractors.