Desjardins Commercial Merit 2004

Excavations Lafontaine inc. was awarded the "Mérite Commercial Desjardins" (Desjardins Commercial Merit) for the month of April 2004 in the Quebec/Chaudière-Appalaches region. This award featured the company among four finalists for the Entreprise de l’année (Business of the Year) award at the Fidéides Gala presented in March 2005 in Quebec City. This contest's mandate is to recognize business excellence in various business lines by paying tribute to visionary leaders and inspire a new generation by passing along their passion for success


Armatura Contest  2006

The company was selected among three provincial finalists in the "Civil Engineering" category in the 2006 Armatura Contest for the project:    Construction of Du Vallon Boulevard, Lebourgneuf-Chauveau section. The Armatura Contest's mandate is to recognize excellence within the reinforcing steel industry and promote the advantages of steel-reinforced concrete as a most flexible and durable material. The project included the construction of several structures: a two-span bridge close to 34 and 38 meters each, supported by 24 NEBT-type beams, two trestles, a culvert and a tunnel, all of which requiring over 5,000 m3 of concrete and 550,000 kg of reinforcement


Les Pléiades - Excellence Prize  2008 of  Chamber of Commerce of Levis

In May 2008, Excavations Lafontaine Inc. was ranked among the four finalists in the Pro-Active HR (Human resources) as part of the contest organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Levis. This award recognizes the efforts made by the company to optimize human resources: the human resources director has drafted and implemented a  "Manual of policies and procedures"  regarding various issues such as staffing, employment conditions, training , evaluation, benefits and employee compensation. This document serves as a reference guide for managers and staff in their work of continuous performance improvement. Everything is made to ensure the selection and retention of a highly skilled workforce, key to business success.


Award  "Road- engineering in sustainable development 2010"

In January 2010, at the annual congress of the ACRGTQ, Excavations Lafontaine received the price in   Sustainable development , Municipal works,   awarded by the city of Quebec, for the project: Replacement of supply pipes, Phase 5.


Desjardins  Excellence Distinction

Desjardins Excellence Distinction,  or "Excellence of know how "  is awarded to Excavations Lafontaine who has implemented a winning strategy, enabling the organization to carry out projects, or achieve outstanding results. Great Distinction Excellence therefore allows the public to recognize the achievements of the company.


" Excavations Lafontaine"  award

In 2011, the National Center for conductors heavy equipment  has created the prize "Excavations Lafontaine",  which is presented annually to a student who has distinguished himself by the quality of his learning and his professional attitudes.

ACRGTQ : 25 years of membership

During its annual congress in January 2012, Excavations Lafontaine  received a plaque from ACRGTQ, marking his 25 years of membership of this Association.


The 100 Construction Leaders in Quebec

Over the years,  Excavations Lafontaine  holds an enviable position within the classification of
 "100 Construction Leaders"   in Quebec.

Year Company's position
1995 92th
1996 86th
1997 74th
1998 71th
1999 72th
2000 61th
2001 51th
2002 43th
2003 35th
2004 51th
2005 30th
2006 24th
2007 31th
2008                        19th
2009 18th
2010 11th


In 1996, the company was  featured  on the cover page and in an article in the   Breakout Magazine which is distributed throughout North America.

In addition, articles highlighting the company's  performance  were published in the following publications:

June 1998 Industrie et Commerce
November 1999 Parlons Affaires
September 2003 Industrie et Commerce
Décember 2005
November 2011
Fall 2011

May 2012
Industrie et Commerce
Aggregates and Road Building Magazine
La Revue Formation,
Official Publication of Formation fund of Construction Industry
VOLVO Construction Equipment