To maintain its growth, the company relies on an old standard: rigor. The secret is constant application and the use of simple and appropriate means.

This inflexible logic is represented in different ways.

The development of a culture of efficiency and quality:

Excavations Lafontaine  got its ISO certification in 1998 and was one of the first companies within its line of business to get it. Long before ISO, through the years and the active participation of its personnel, the company developed simple and documented management policies affecting all its procedures and departments, with special concern for efficiency and quality.

One of these work instructions regarding job sites was the subject of a document intended for the technical and management personnel entitled "Manuel de gestion de chantier" (Site Management Guide). This type of document is a first within the construction industry.

Careful personnel selection:

Management, knows for the need of qualified interested staff, devotes a great deal of energy into recruiting personnel.

The Human Resources Department established policies relative to staffing, orientation, training, performance evaluation, and personnel compensation to ensure an excellent level of quality personnel that stays within the company.

For the last few years, the focus has been on integrating young candidates in order to create a continuum, and bring down the average age the workers.

Occupational health and safety prevention is a priority for the company, which has been part of a Prevention Mutual since 1999.

Continuing and targeted investments:

The company has a fleet of recent, diversified, and well-maintained equipment that draws attention. Each purchase must meet a specific need and contribute towards increasing productivity.

Management promotes the integration of emerging technology and often, the company is the first to use such technology Quebec region. Here are a few examples: sand box for laying pipes, removable supports for telephone poles, semi-trailer unloading floor (conveyor), excavator without counterweight (SR) for laying pipes in  cramped streets, extension arrow on excavator, etc. ..

Computer science is a precious management tool. Proven software are used for project estimation, accounting and business management. The administration, with support for internal and external resources, ensures that software are used optimally to the full extent of their potential. If necessary, we develop custom software tailored to our needs.


Energy focusing:

Company personnel are encouraged to communicate, interact, and bring their own ideas to improve efficiency.

When facing obstacles, which turn into challenges for us, the team's ingenuity is called upon, and results are often surprising. The personnel repeatedly suggest technological innovations applicable daily, improving the work of our teams and increasing their productivity.

In success, the keynote was not to diversify but to invest, in order to continuously improve, leave our competitors behind, and remain number one.