Business started in 1975 when Frank Lafontaine, an experienced machine operator, founded in Saint-Malachie a heavy equipment rent-by-the-hour company mainly serving farmers; he joined three of his sons into the venture.

The oldest, Frankie, took charge of the family business in 1982 and decided to redirect its activities to that of a general contractor. A year later, a first civil engineering technician was hired. In 1990, Excavations Lafontaine inc. moved to Sainte-Claire's industrial park to be more visible and keep its technical personnel. Since then, there have been six building expansions or additions, as well as the acquisition of  quarries and several gravel pits. 


In 1998, the company was among the first in its line of business to get ISO certification. That same year, the company opened in partnership a quarry in Saint-Gervais de Bellechasse.  Then, in 2000, the company added snow removal to its spectrum of services. In 2003, it acquired another significant sand bank and opened an office in Levis to better serve the Quebec region market.


In 2006, the departments of administration and estimation-management are regrouped in Levis to new premises, facilitating internal communications. The mechanical workshop  remained at Sainte-Claire.

In 2009, Excavations Lafontaine has relocated its facilities in an industrial park in Levis, at 872 Archimede, easily accessible by the highway 20, Chemin des Iles exit (no. 321). We built a large warehouse to house  Sites supplies services,  and a garage on the cutting edge of technology for the mechanical maintenance workshop. The facilities at Sainte-Claire in Bellechasse  remain to serve the regional market.

In 2011, on the same site of 872 Archimede, we built a new building to house administration teams and estimation-management. This three-storey building has 40 offices, 2 conference rooms, kitchen,   recreation and exercise room, which allows staff to work in a pleasant environment, thus facilitating  concentration.

The company mainly recruits its customers within 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Quebec City, but also performs work in the Lower St. Lawrence and on the North Shore. Its specialization in production of public infrastructure works contracts defines a mandatory 75% based on the Quebec Ministry of Transportation, Cities, MRC, Municipal corporations, and to a lesser extent, Defense Canada. The other 25% comes from private clients, housing developments, industrial and commercial companies, heavy equipment rental, and sales of granular materials.

In 2011, a new company was formed  "Lafontaine Leclerc Inc.", to perform work in the Lower St.Lawrence  and Gaspesia regions, thus expanding the range of the Group Lafontaine, and its buisness volume. The construction-management department of Lafontaine Leclerc is located in Sherbrooke, and the administration is largely managed in Levis.

Over the past decade, the sales of the Group Lafontaine has progressed considerably, from 14 Millions to over 65 Millions annually.